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 Just Because...

I have always had a love for colour. This little story comes from a time when I was working as a hairstylist/colourist in a gorgeous busy salon in a coastal town many moons ago. One afternoon  the biggest storm had just blown through, the street smelt of that freshness that comes after many raindrops have fallen. The sun had broken through.

Something caught my eye. A little girl on her pink and white bike, the streamers on the handlebars were dancing in the wind and her two golden blonde piggy tails flowing as she was riding down the hill.

She was singing!

 "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Zip-A-Dee-Ay. My oh my what a wonderful day."

A smile and a giggle crept up on me .

This is one of my most cherished memories.


I love seeing that very same reaction on peoples faces! Whenever I am walking with my daughter in her pettiskirt, they can't help but smile when they see the bright rainbows of colour skipping down the street!

A certain magic happens when a little girl puts on her very own Spunkerella pettiskirt.

A little spot down here to say a gigantic thank you to my amazing family, awesome friends and to all you Spunkerella's

You all rock!



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