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Facts and Questions




Spunkerella, guaranteed love at first sight! The pettiskirt’s design originated in the U.S. and is based on a mix of 1950’s full rockabilly petticoats with a touch of the romantic magical tutu.

Spunkerella Pettiskirts are no ordinary skirt!

They are fluffy, playful, and so very cool.

 It is true a Spunkerella petti absorbs the essence of their owner, from the cheeky rock star to the angelic fairy.


 Created with layers and ruffles of whisper soft chiffon, a darling silky soft satin bow is tied at the waist. Spunkerella have the very clever detail of an adjustable elastic waistband, just one easy move of the button will achieve your tailor made fit. This ensures many years of giggles and smiles.

 Our sizes range from new born, children and tween pettiskirts through to, teen and  adult pettiflirts, they come in a kaleidoscope of colours from the prettiest pastels to the boldest of brights.

Enjoy our gorgeous collections, we are just an email away to assist if you need any help.




Q: What is the difference between a Pettiskirt and a Pettiflirt?

 A: Our Pettiskirt designs are for little gals. Our Pettiflirt designs are for Teen/Adult gals.



Q: How do I choose the correct size?

 A: Here you will find our size charts 

Because of our very tricky adjustable waistband each size covers a few age groups, you will find this allows room for growth for quite some time. Our sizing starts from Infant (newborn) right though to Xlarge in  Adults   Please contact info@spunkerella.com if you need further advice when choosing sizing.




Q: How do I care for my Pettiskirt or Pettiflirt?

 A: Hand wash only in luke warm water. Dry flat. This will ensure many years of twirling enjoyment from your Pettiskirt / Pettiflirt. Spunkerella will not cover any damage due to garments being machine washed. You can store your Pettiskirt or Pettiflirt in a number of ways, either by condensing them down and keeping them in a bag, box or hanging. When you are ready to wear your Petti again just re-fluff and away you go. If your Pettiskirt / Pettiflirt has gained a few wrinkles while packed away simply hang it in the bathroom and let the hot steam from the shower magicly take them away.




Q: Do you accept PayPal?

 A:Yes, PayPal allows you to make safe online payments without disclosing your personal information. It is accepted by thousands of businesses worldwide and allows you to pay for purchases with ease. Payment is automatically converted to the desired currency  with PayPal's Multiple Currencies feature. All you need is an email address you can make a payment using PayPal.... it is that easy!  

For additional information access their website at: www.paypal.com.




Q: Do you ship outside of Australia?


 A: We sure do! We ship worldwide and use registered international post .The site will calculate the total cost for you at check out.





 Q: How long till I receive my Pettiskirt/Pettiflirt?

 A: Our Pettiskirts/Pettiflirts are made to order. Unless marked in stock there is approximately 6 weeks is the turn around from when you place your order. 

*8-10 weeks for our international customers.




Q: Am I able to stock Spunkerella in my store?

 A: We would love to hear from you, please email info@spunkerella.com with a brief introduction and your business details eg name, address, ABN.





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 *Please forward all media / photo shoot enquiries to Holly Moore at info@spunkerella.com or Po Box 42 Preston, Melbourne Australia 3073.







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